I prefer long drawn out sentences
over short ones.
I prefer evergreens.
I prefer mountains.
I prefer the clarity that comes with honesty
to the anxiety that comes before the candor.
I prefer rain to sun.
I prefer dirt.
I prefer frank cussing to polite lies.
I prefer the love of Christ to the discord of Paul.
I prefer a cat’s cool, committed love
and also a dog’s own energetic version.
I prefer someone else cooking.
I prefer wild and abnormal to the checking off of boxes.
I prefer looking someone in the eye.
I prefer sunrises.
I prefer strong to thin.
I prefer Maya to William.
I prefer being warm within the cold to being cool within the warm.
I prefer my own coffee.

My dear Sister in Law, Erin, introduced me to so many wonderful artists since we met, Maya Angelou being the most influential. Tonight, she introduced me to Wislawa Szymborska and her poem translated from Polish to English as Possibilities. Erin wrote her own version and invited her own readers to do likewise. Thank you for all the beauty you’ve brought into my life both through our shared love of art as well as your own beautiful soul.

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